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Building on the success of the AHRC funded ‘The Lexis of Cloth and Clothing in Britain c. 700-1450’, this follow-up project offers a way for school-children, students and interested members of the public to engage with a number of facets of Britain’s medieval past, its language, manuscripts, and the clothing worn by the royal family.

A new website will provide an introduction to cloth and clothing in the royal household during the reigns of Edward I, Edward II and Edward III. It will showcase some of the fascinating manuscripts held at the National Archives and demonstrate how ‘The Lexis of Cloth and Clothing in Britain c. 700-1450’ can help to reveal their secrets. Bespoke illustrations created by Maggie Kneen of the garments described in the accounts will bring the manuscripts to life and allow comparison with the clothes worn by the royal family today.

We will be conducting visits to schools throughout the country helping children to explore the world of medieval fashion. Through a combination of talks, exercises and competitions the team will strive to ignite the interest of a new generation of historians and celebrate our rich shared heritage.

Finally, we will be organizing a host of public events, workshops, and talks at the National Archives and around the country.

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